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About Stitch X Marker

cardboard train party

In a society of 'Readymades', we still prefer the human touch when it comes to event decoration and product styling. Our mission is to create memories special, the way you want it.

Conjuring masterful plans from the depths of our minds to create unique event styles that is reflective of our clients. The events we stitched are never afraid to be too classy or too loud, too crazed or too experimental. Be sure to mark an everlasting impression in your guests.

When people question "Why should I settle for event decor so common and predictable? Show me something special and incredible!", it makes our hearts sing because we'd like to open up people's options, reminding them they have choices on how they want their memories to be created. At the end of it all, we are here to support them and materialise their dream event. 


To make every event more meaningful, we give away any lush florals post-event to old folks' homes to spread your joy. Speaking of the human touch. :)


Ripple is the Founder-Director and Hoarder-in-chief of Stitch X Marker Styling Studio, overseeing all the events styling and any other workloads in between. She also flexes her design muscles for her daughter's birthday parties and loves getting the little one involve in the creative process for her own party! With a Fine Arts background and theater set design experience, she decided to make the most out of her passion for designing and Stitch X Marker Styling Studio was thus born! Since 2014, the studio aims to provide bespoke events styling catered for discerning clients who wants a unique set up, reflective of their preferences.

"I am truly grateful for the trust my clients have in my creative directions and having Stitch X Marker as part of their celebrations! Although the going gets pretty stressful at times, it is overall a happy job with positive vibes!"


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